How to change the original ringtones “LINE”

change the original ringtones “LINE”
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2020年12月10日 in English

App has increased steadily the number of users, “LINE”. Free calls and stamp is very convenient. You also I think you’re using?

Because a lot of people are using, it is common to see this phenomenon…When there is a ringtone of LINE in places where people gather many, many people to check the smartphone of their own.

That’s right! Ringtone’s the same guys! !

Stranger unexpectedly do a lot, ringtones LINE can be changed. And how to set the ringtone of the original also exists! We introduce two ways to change the ringtone of LINE.

広 告

1. Change to another ringtone that comes to the LINE

In fact, the ring tone is available in a number LINE from the start. So you may be a change from the ringtone that is set in the initial state.That can be changed by tapping in the following manner. It is very easy!

[More] > [Settings] > [Notifications] > [Tone]
setting notifications tone change the ringtones

Even just to change in this way, it is a mistake on the incoming of others will be less.

2. Change the original ringtones LINE

The following is a way to ringtone original! (*Only Android)

To change the original, you can use the app called “”.Notification sound of Twitter, Facebook, e-mail ringtone you can also easily change this app.
> Google play “”
(*You may not supported by the device. *Japanese is the application)

You open it to install the application. And let’s tap in the next step. This, too, it tends to be easy to configure!

*If you want to change for the first time, please make the following changes to.
[Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Services] > “ON”